Laura Davis-Taylor
Founder and Principal, Retail Media Consulting

Laura Davis-Taylor is a 15-year Agency veteran with a diverse background in traditional advertising, brand planning, interactive marketing, digital signage, merchandising and retail/environmental design-all geared towards creating consumer-centric solutions for the business challenges of her clients. As principal of Retail Media Consulting, her tv box company’s focus is on helping brands strategize and execute powerful, integrated media experiences within the store as a marketing vehicle.

Laura is the yearly chair of the Digital Retailing Expo, an executive member of the POPAI Digital Signage Advocacy Committee and a lecturer, workshop teacher and published author in the Marketing at Retail space. Her brand experience spans numerous Fortune 500 retailers, brand manufacturers, agencies and technology manufacturers.

Adrian Weidmann
Principal, Adrian Weidmann Consulting

Image result for Adrian WeidmannFor more than 25 years, Adrian Weidmann has introduced emerging digital media technologies and business processes. These solutions have enhanced content strategy and production in the fields of recorded music, live performance, broadcasting, retail digital media and out-of-home digital media.

During the last eight years, Weidmann has been involved with the design (both technical and creative), implementation and management of eleven digital media networks in retail stores and other out-of-home venues. The venues of these digital media networks include retail (big box, supermarkets and consumer electronics) healthcare, quick-service restaurants and public spaces.

His company Adrian Weidmann Consulting helps organizations merge their brand equity with creative and technological agents in order to create engaging emotional customer experiences with the help of digital media.